Fixing problems with incorrect WAV headers

What are incorrect .WAV headers?
The first few blocks of file data (used as a wrapper around the actual audio) in a WAV file make up the header. These blocks are used to store metadata and additional information like Bitrate, duration, encoding format etc.
In some cases "non-standard" WAV headers may cause problems with our software meaning that we are unable to process these files.
It may be that these headers are too extensive where the headers may be "valid", but not supported by all software packages.
In other cases the headers may be simply corrupt because of faults in the software. (e.g. Audacity version 2.00 - this error is fixed in Audacity version 2.01)
In general, all WAV files which cannot be processed by Wavpack cannot be processed by our systems, meaning that problems can only be avoided by uploading .WV files instead of .WAV files ( More information (and a download) on wavpack can also be found here:
If you for some reason prefer to upload .WAV files it is advisable to do this through the Track Creation Wizard on the The Source website, since this will check the header on the fly as soon as it is uploaded.
How come I can play the .WAV file without problems while you still tell me it is corrupt?
Most audio players ignore wav headers partially or all together and just play the audio if they can, even if the incorrect header may cause issues in correct interpretation of the data.
Can incorrect .WAV headers be repaired?
Yes. The solution is "always" the same: the header of the WAV file should be replaced by a simple, correct header. There are various programs which can do this (e.g. recent versions of Audacity):
- install the most recent version of Audacity on your computer ( - this is a free and open source program
- open the WAV file with Audacity
- in the file menu choose: export file > choose fileformat WAV (Microsoft) signed 16bit  PCM > save
- in the next dialog do not add any metadata, if there is metadata remove this
- press ok
- The new file should be good to go!

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